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sexta-feira, 10 de abril de 2009

| Etsy Bloggers Team | 10 April Blog Carnival

O Blog Carnival de dia 10 de Abril será publicado na próxima Segunda-Feira no blog de Lil Bees e os temas propostos são os seguintes:

Já que 22 de Abril é o Dia da Terra... vamos tornar-nos verdes!
1. O que tens de verde na tua loja (pode ser algo literalmente verde em cor ou algo ecológico).
2. O que fazes (ou o que podes fazer!) para tornar a tua loja Etsy ou a tua casa um pouco mais verdes - no sentido ecológico, claro.

Eu optei por responder à primeira questão... continuem a ler em inglês:

The Blog Carnival of 10th April will be hosted on the next Monday by Lil Bees and the proposed themes are:

Since April 22 is Earth Day... Let's go green!
1. What is green in your shop? (this can be something literally green in color or something eco-friendly)
2. WHat do you do (or what can you do!) to make your Etsy business or home a little bit greener?

I chose the first question... especially because the arrival of Spring is inspiring me to create some greener jewelry pieces. Take a look!

I admit that I don't have any particularly green concern about my creations... but I do have ecological gestures in my everyday life and at home: I take public transports to work and I recycle my household waste.

At my shop I do have some green items that are trying to match with these sunny Spring days... My lasts creations are particularly cheerful and colorful, combining green with some other bright colors as yellow and orange - you can see it at Cancun necklace and Acapulco necklace, two pieces with suggestive names...
Since green is not one of my favorite colors I tend to pick colors that are warmer, such as red and orange tones... but I do love teal, which is a color that stands between green and blue and I think that mixes wonderfully with earth tones, as you can see in my Cairo necklace and in the Cairo earrings as well.

At the Drawings section "Hugging the void" can show you my favorite tone of green: the army green.

After all green is a mixture between yellow and blue (or cyan)... so the tones are endless! If you're curious to learn more about the color green take a look at this article and don't forget to pick up your favorite shade of green at this chart!

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