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domingo, 8 de março de 2009

|EST| Secret Easter Bunny

E o que é isto do Secret Easter Bunny?... Ora bem, como membro da European Street Team (EST), do Etsy, decidi participar numa divertida iniciativa criada a propósito da Páscoa. A equipa já o tinha feito pelo Natal, mas nessa altura eu ainda não pertencia à EST, por isso, já que não cheguei a tempo de fazer de "Pai Natal", aventurei-me desta vez a ser o "coelho secreto" de alguém. A ideia consiste em trocar um presente secreto com outro membro da EST (eu não sei quem vai enviar-me o presente e a pessoa a quem vou enviar o meu presente também não sabe de quem o vai receber) - um presente que será feito a pensar no destinatário e que levará um pouco da nossa arte a alguém de outro pais europeu que lhe dará certamente o valor que ela merece (ou não fossemos todos artistas, designers, artesãos)...

Ainda não enviei o meu presente, mas recebi o meu na semana passada e só posso dizer que o meu Secret Easter Bunny se esmerou! Mas vou continuar o post em inglês, para que os restantes membros da EST acompanhem...


As a member of the European Street Team on Etsy, I decided to take part on the Secret Easter Bunny, a kind of game that consists on creating a secret present to another team member based upon a questionnaire that each one of us fills out. In the meantime someone creates a present for yourself and there you have a Secret Easter Bunny of your own too! You give so you can receive too... This initiative was taken care by Mitsy, from ArtMind, who did a great work matching all the pairs and keeping track of all the presents.

So... I haven't sent my present yet (and for now it is still a secret!), but I received mine last week! I was really excited when I went to pick up a nice package coming from Dusseldorf at the mail station... Here's how it looked like when I opened it:

At first, a lovely postcard with some words, a chocolate (yummy!) and two nice little packages decorated with feathers - I really loved that lovely detail and I didn't want to damage the wrappings by opening them! Well, but my curiosity was stronger...

The first wrapping had a bunch of lovely supplies that will surely inspire some of my future creations: beads of different colors and shapes, most of them black and red - two of my favorite colors! Then... the second wrapping was even more special, take a look:

It was a beautiful bracelet made by the hands of Andee, from Andeesigns. I didn´t know her work yet, but I fell in love with her creations of "wearable art", mostly made out of silver and exquisite beads. She also has a photography shop and blog, where you can take a look at beautiful shots of nature.

The bracelet Andee sent me is made of sterling silver, coral and lava beads, which have a beautiful texture. She was really sweet and attentive sending me this original, beautiful and personalized present!

I'm sorry if the photographs are a bit dark, but I couldn't resist to open the package as soon as I arrived home that night... And here it is my new bracelet on my wrist and shining at day light:

Thank you Andee! I just hope to be such a great Secret Bunny to the team member I'm sending my Easter gift too...

8 comentários:

  1. I'm so glad you like your bracelet, Ana, I had fun designing this piece for you! :) Thank you for sharing the story and pics!

  2. wouw your bracelet is really very beautiful Modern and elegant
    and gift package is also so lovely
    congrats andee

  3. Wow Ana, I'm impressed! What a beautiful gift & caring giftwrapping. I'm so glad you love your present and I must say that Andee has done a wonderful job creating this especially for you. Thank you both for being such great Easter Bunny participants! :)

  4. Ooh, you lucky girl! Such a beautiful bracelet!


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